Global Student Entrepeneur Awards 2020

Freek van Hable poserend voor het GSEA logo

The Hable One is the world's first Braille smartphone keyboard for the blind.

Freek van Welsenis and his company Hable have won the Dutch finals of the Global Student Entrepreneur Award 2020 (GSEA). With Hable, a startup of TU/e students focused on accessibility for smartphone keyboards, Freek offers an innovative solution for the use of a smartphone for the blind. Freek: "With the GSEA award, we will be taking our first steps towards the internationalisation of our company in America this spring.

The jury, consisting of entrepreneurs Bas Janssens, Bianca van der Lee and Niels Bouwman, praised Freek for his enormous passion with which he found a simple and practical solution to a problem that occurs worldwide. According to the jury, his plans for the future, which include a Braille teaching tool, testify to great entrepreneurial insight.

Smartphone for the blind The Hable One is the world's first Braille smartphone keyboard for the blind. The six Braille buttons on the device are a copy of the Braille language. The six buttons are combined with two function keys for commands, such as the space bar, enter and backspace, as well as for navigating the phone. The first model for the market is currently being finalised. To be among the first Hable users in the world, you can already register on the official Hable website.

From the Netherlands to Cape Town On 30 January 2020, the best Dutch student entrepreneurs competed for the GSEA. The prize consists of 10,000 euros, exclusive coaching and a podium during the international GSEA final in Cape Town, South Africa. On that occasion, more than fifty of the world's most exceptional student entrepreneurs will come to Cape Town.

About GSEA GSEA is an international competition organised by the Entrepreneurs' Organisation in no less than 50 countries. This worldwide network for and by entrepreneurs wants to see the latest generation of entrepreneurs excel and offers them a lot of support with this competition. Every student with a registered company had the opportunity to apply for the GSEA. Dozens of applications resulted in five finalists: Freek van Welsenis (Hable), Edward Hoogendoorn (Fuusje), Tristan Hofman (Gaiafood), Jos van der Veeken (Sirkel) and Timothy Hoolhorst (CareAbout).

source: https://www.wijbrabant.nl/nieuws-overzicht/uitvinder-brailletoetsenbord-hable-wint-global-student-entrepreneur-award-2020/