Rough Diamond Awards 2019

Hable employees Freek and Tom celebrating and holding their rough diamond award of 10.000 euros in the air

Hable became the winner of the Rough Diamond Award, the Award for startups that are founded after the 1st of October 2018. They will take home a prize worth €10.000.

Hable is a braille keyboard for smartphones. Speech-to-text interfaces on mobile devices are extremely useful and seem to be the ideal solution for people with a visual impairment. The privacy concerns associated with this form of interaction are a major disadvantage. Anybody can eavesdrop, even during conversations that you would rather not share with other people. Hable braille keyboard solves this problem.

The compact keyboard fits on the back of practically any modern smartphone. Users type in braille, via a 6-dot combination, which allows them to enter any text. This keyboard can be attached to a smartphone like any other phone cover. On the back of the cover, eight buttons are attached. The outer six buttons represent the braille points. With these six dots any letter, number or punctuation mark can be made.

The winners have proven its impact on Monday the 6th of May during the grand final at Theater Rotterdam, in front of the jury presided by Frans van Houten, CEO Philips. Student startup BI/OND is the winner of the Innovator League of the Philips Innovation Award 2019. BI/OND Solutions provides biologists with avatars of human organs composed of Silicon chips and human cells for drugs R&D. They walked away with €50.000 prize money.

source: https://www.tue.nl/en/tue-campus/news/08-05-2019-tue-startup-hable-winner-of-the-philips-rough-diamond-award/