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A special keyboard makes it possible for visually impaired people to operate a smartphone. This unique Hable One has only eight buttons with which the entire phone can be controlled.

The keyboard is the first product of the start-up Hable Accessiblity, which aims to make the latest technologies accessible to visually impaired people. The Hable One has already won several awards, including the Philips Innovation Award, the Rough Diamond Award, the European Venture programme and the General Student Entrepreneurship Award.

Braille With the eight buttons it is possible to type messages and navigate internally. The device uses Braille, so users do not have to learn a new system first. For people who do not master Braille, there is a special 'onboarding program'. This allows them to start using the keyboard within a day.

The Hable One connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and fits easily in a pocket.

Independent This keyboard is unique because it only focuses on smartphones. Thanks to this innovation, the blind and visually impaired will soon be able to use their smartphone with ease and thus lead a more autonomous life. More than two hundred people tested the Hable One and the reactions are promising. The start-up is currently working on various collaborations with worldwide NGOs. The keyboard can be ordered on the Hable One website. At a later stage, it will also be sold via retailers.