Model on the couch, using the Hable One in combination with her iPad. Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Unique controller to transform smartphone experience for blind and visually impaired people

Eindhoven - 26 November 2020

Hable today launched the Hable One - the world's first smartphone controller for blind and visually impaired people - in the United Kingdom. The device, which fits in your pocket and can be used anywhere on the go, is a unique smartphone controller and has a wireless keyboard that enables users to type with ease. 

Innovating a more inclusive world

While the latest generation of smartphones has improved user experience for people with a visual impairment in terms of audio feedback, typing still presents a significant problem, with many products still based on outdated braille typing machines.

“In a world moving increasingly online, accessibility is everything,” says Freek van Welsenis, co-founder of Hable. “With smartphone penetration already at around 9 out of 10 of the UK population, smartphones are not just a nice-to-have gadget; they are an essential means of communication.”

 “Whether it’s sending a WhatsApp message, simply surfing the internet or banking online” continues Freek, “the Hable One’s unique way of typing empowers blind and visually impaired people, enabling them to use their smartphones wherever, however and whenever they want.”

Transforming typing

The Hable One can be used for both typing texts and navigating through applications, effortlessly connected via Bluetooth low energy. The controller has eight easy-to-use buttons in total. Six are dedicated for typing letters, numbers and punctuation. The remaining two function buttons enable users to navigate using VoiceOver and Talkback software – both of which are standard accessibility software services on all smartphones. The Hable One utilizes this software to enable users to switch between apps, scroll Facebook feeds or copy and paste text. What’s more, because you can use the Hable One device to take advantage of all smartphone features, users don’t even need to hold their smartphone, which can be put away in a bag or pocket. Everything is simply heard through the audio function.

Tried and tested

Today’s announcement follows a successful pilot and launch in the Netherlands and Belgium. The pilot consisted of a range of tests with blind and visually impaired users. The results were very positive, with an overwhelming number of participants choosing to continue to use the device.


The Hable One is available for UK presales from today with a 20% early bird discount from Hable’s webshop. 

About Hable

Hable is an award-winning tech start-up based at Eindhoven University of Technology. The company was born of co-founder Ayushman Talwar’s simple desire to help his blind grandfather communicate. The Hable team soon realised that if they could help one person, they could help many, many more. This inspired Hable’s simple but vital mission: to make the digital world accessible for all.  


For more information, please see www.iamhable.com


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